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Hello and welcome to We hope you will find out from us more about driving and getting better gas mileage, looking after and even restoring your  cherished classic car such as a Land Rover, finding  MG Spares, Jaguar etc. Fellow motor enthusiasts with some useful information about restoring and updating motor cars and motorbikes as well as providing some interesting and novel products that are a must for anyone with an interest in restoring and modifying older and not so old vehicles. Even a Jaguar MKV 3.5 litre engine Jaguar MKVwill benefit from sensible driving by using less fuel and saving on wear and tear.

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Motor Enthusiasts Car Restoration DVD's (only a Few left!)

We are pleased to be able to offer these great motor car restoration DVD's! These DVD's have been made by motor car restoration experts Fred and Ray Vagedes in America and details almost 8 hours of step by step footage on restoring and improving your classsic motor car.


restore your old car and get better gas mileage and go greenMotor enthusiasts car restoration can be very rewarding and, if done correctly, can be a sound investment. Anyone who has experienced restoring a car will always tell you that it is not as easy as you think but with the right information to follow any motor enthusiast will be able to manage and enjoy the process.

This DVD set may be what you have been looking for, the presentation is so good that you feel part of the experience and on occasions even want to reach out your hand and help! Yes, it really is that good, you are very much involved in the various skills which you are shown in an easy to understand and watch format after which you will be more skilled or in many cases have even aquired that skill. Remember that skill comes from practising the right techniques and those are shown in great abundance so if you follow what you are shown you will undoubtedly become more proficient and more skilled. This means you will enjoy the whole experience more as you will be less prone to costly and time consuming mistakes.

There is lots of useful information and tips in here that even, experienced car restoration fans will find very useful. It also shows you how to do quite complicated things like raising the body off the chassis with equipment you may already have or can easily make, borrow or hire or find at bargain prices. If you are only just starting out this will help you find your way and not make the mistakes that we all do when starting out like, making sure you have photographed and tagged each piece, if only we had really thought about it when we started and before this fantastic 8 hour DVD set!

The massive 8 hours of video may seem quite daunting but believe us it isn't! The whole program is neatly segmented into manageable portions so making it easy to absorb the information (do keep a note book handy though!) and to look up something you forgot or want to see again, practice makes perfect! The friendly presentation makes it easy to watch a section and revisit we you need to.

Try it and see for yourself for 7 days and if it isn't what we say it is send it back in unmarked condition for a full refund, less postage.

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